Greater Mekong Subregion Development Partners' Meeting  

20 October 2020

The Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS) Program will convene a Development Partners’ Meeting on 20 October 2020 via web-based conferencing.

The Development Partners’ Meeting serves as a forum for discussions among GMS senior officials, representatives of development partners, private sector, and civil society that are actively involved in the GMS Program. Objectives of the upcoming meeting are

  1. To discuss GMS responses to the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), including development partners’ regional interventions. How GMS countries faced the COVID-19 pandemic challenge in the subregion (video link);
  2. To brief development partners on key elements of the GMS Economic Cooperation Program Strategic Framework 2030 (GMS-2030), including its vision, mission statement, strategic directions, and results framework. GMS-2030 will provide a new framework to develop the subregion in the next decade;
  3. To exchange ideas on how development partners can contribute to the areas of the GMS-2030 and COVID-19 initiatives, capitalizing on experiences and approaches for effective engagement and partnerships through co-financing, technical assistance, and knowledge sharing; and
  4. To update development partners on implementation and projects of the GMS Regional Investment Framework 2022 (RIF 2022) and discuss potential areas for development partners to support the projects in the RIF 2022.

GMS Senior officials, representatives of development partner organizations, private sector, and civil society are invited to register to participate in this meeting.

Last Updated: 12 October 2020