Tools provide a variety of toolkits available. At the moment, AINS is hosting two: iTRADE and CLUMondo.

iTrade (Beta)

iTRADE is an import/export tool to assist SMEs of the GMS. It provides appropriate information, documents, standards and certifications, and contacts for exporting and importing agricultural products. It presently showcases the export between Lao PDR and Thailand at Nongkai border point for rice. Other commodities will be added in the near future and the geographic coverage expanded. In the medium term, iTrade will be proposed as an application for mobile devices and translated to all languages of the GMS.


CLUMondo land use change model is a new and innovative stand-alone software to calculate the effect of land demand scenarios on land conversion in the future. CLUMondo is one of the most frequently used land use change models globally, allowing the spatially-explicit preview of potential future land conversion in response to different land demand scenarios.

More to come...