New PRC-Viet Nam Cross-border Rail Freight Service Launched

A new cross-border rail freight service from Suzhou, People’s Republic of China (PRC), to Hanoi, Viet Nam was launched by the East Asia Region section of Nippon Express. Suzhou West Railway Station is located amid industrial clusters of eastern PRC.  

The use of rail transport makes possible reliable lead times of 8-10 days. Ocean freight from PRC to Southeast Asia is usually challenged with constraints in space and reliable transport routes and schedule.  

Nippon Express mulls development of rail transport services from Viet Nam to PRC, and transport services that combine rail with other transport modes.  

The GMS Transport Sector Strategy 2030 emphasizes the need to strengthen links between modes through the development of intermodal links, and promotes investment in rail and inland waterways to increase their role and utilization in multimodal transport in the GMS. An open and competitive transport market is envisioned to evolve with expanded and improved rail and inland waterway infrastructure and services.