GMS Road Map for Expanded Energy Cooperation  
Country Planning Documents

This road map for expanded cooperation in the energy sector in the Greater Mekong Subregion takes into account GMS Strategic Framework 2002-2012 and the need for improved energy security, better utilization of energy resources, and mutually beneficial energy trade, to meet national and regional energy needs in a sustainable manner.

This road map presents: (i) the goal and strategic objectives for expanded GMS energy cooperation, to provide overall guidance to the GMS countries energy cooperation, (ii) a desired policy framework that include the measures and actions that should be given priority in expanding GMS energy cooperation; and (iii) a concrete, practical and implementable short to medium-term (2009-2015) work plan that details the specific activities and general timetable for realizing the road map’s objectives.

Last Updated:   Tuesday, 28 February 2017