Statement of the Eighth Meeting of the Joint Committee for the Cross-Border Transport Facilitation Agreement

At its 8th meeting in Hainan, PRC on 13 December 2023, the Joint Committee for the Cross-Border Transport Facilitation Agreement (CBTA) agreed to extend the “Early Harvest” Implementation of the CBTA until 31 December 2026. Permits and temporary admission documents previously issued, but which expired during the Covid-19 pandemic, will be reallocated or reissued. Lists of participating transport operators will be shared among participating GMS countries.

Myanmar will join the Early Harvest CBTA implementation through Initial Implementation of the CBTA (IICBTA) agreements with neighboring countries, during a grace period extended until the same 31 December 2026 date. Having concluded an agreement previously with Thailand, Myanmar is expected to finalize IICBTAs with the People's Republic of China and the Lao People's Democratic Republic soon.

The joint committee also announced the successful entry into force of the extension of corridors, routes, and border crossings under CBTA Protocol 1 as part of a Protocol 1 Extension MOU signed  by all countries.

A Work Plan for the period to 2026 was agreed, on which the initial focus will be the conclusion of negotiations for further Protocol 1 route network expansions, ‘Early Harvest’ implementation monitoring, and the collection and analysis of relevant data.


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Last Updated:   Tuesday, 18 June 2024