How to Successfully Operationalize One Health for a Green Recovery in the Greater Mekong Subregion?



The Asian Development Bank and the Nossal Institute for Global Health  hosted a virtual meeting titled,Regional Meeting: How to Successfully Operationalize One Health for a Green Recovery in the Greater Mekong Subregion?” on 7 April 2022 to present practical One Health actions in the context of the GMS green recovery agenda, discuss how to incentivize cross-sectoral support, and guide operational planning for future projects. This meeting, which was conducted under TA 9571-REG: Strengthening Regional Health Cooperation in the Greater Mekong Subregion, is a follow up to the previous meeting held on 3 June 2021, One Health in the GMS: Where are We Now and What Next?

Over 170 participants including international agencies, development partners, and officials from the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Environment, and Ministry of Agriculture of GMS countries joined the meeting.


Meeting Summary Report 232.03 KB
Concept Note and Agenda 260.73 KB
Actual Participants 179.66 KB
Pre-reading 1: Using One Health to Support Food Security and Food Safety in the Green Recovery 293.85 KB
Pre-reading 2: Operationalising One Health to Manage Antimicrobial Resistance and Support the Green Recovery 156.02 KB
Pre-reading 3: The Next Steps for More Effective Control of Zoonotic Diseases in the GMS 169.37 KB
Pre-reading 4: Strengthening One Health Collaboration in the Green Recovery to Prevent the Next Pandemic 164.73 KB
Presentation 2. GMS-2030 Framework and On Health 582.42 KB
Presentation 3. Operationalising One Health in context of Green Recovery in the GMS 1.3 MB
Presentation 5. Preventing Pandemic Risks in East Asia and Pacific 2.06 MB
Presentation 6. Cross Border Livestock 2.35 MB
Presentation 8.1 Environment Sector in One Health - Cambodia 155.88 KB
Presentation 8.2. Controlling Zoonotic Diseases 2.24 MB
Presentation 8.3. ADB Private Sector Approaches to One Health 1.02 MB
Presentation 10. Breakout room whiteboards 875.83 KB
Presentation 12. Next Steps 104.24 KB

Last Updated: 18 July 2022