Quang Nanh Lets Farmers Play a Key Role to Promote Sustainable Agricultural Development

Farmers are playing a pivotal role in Quảng Ninh, Viet Nam’s restructured vision for its agricultural sector for 2022-2025. The vision aims to expand agricultural markets, establish supply chains that integrate technology, and create a cohesive and sustainable agricultural economic ecosystem. Farmers are key drivers as the Government provides support, committing substantial resources to strengthen local farmers' capacity. Initiatives have included

  • Organizing training sessions to disseminate knowledge and introduce new agricultural technologies, which underscore the application of scientific and technological advancements in production.

  • Ensuring farmers have a comprehensive understanding of the agricultural policies and legal framework, and providing them with guidance on how to leverage their internal capabilities to drive economic restructuring and labor transformation.

These ongoing efforts have yielded achievements in local farmers’ farming techniques and production models. Notably, farmers are utilizing technology to carefully select high-quality crop varieties, practicing refined technique in preservation and processing technologies applied to seafood products, and prioritizing quality to establish long-lasting and sustainable value, such as replacing low-yield and low-quality tea varieties with newer, disease-resistant tea varieties.

Last Updated: 30 November 2023