Cambodia Launches Green Growth Plan for Phnom Penh

Cambodia wants to transform its capital Phnom Penh into a clean, green, and competitive city by 2030.

Municipal authorities, together with the National Council for Sustainable Development and Seoul-based Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) developed the Phnom Penh Sustainable City Plan 2018–2030. It addresses the challenges that Phnom Penh faces in achieving sustainable urban growth, such as a worsening waste problem and traffic congestion. With the plan, the city commits to a set of objectives relating to the following:

  • urban planning for Phnom Penh and its satellite cities;
  • flood control and sanitation;
  • clean energy;
  • reducing transport emissions, congestion, and accidents;
  • green building and affordable housing;
  • greening industries;
  • improving waste management; and
  • greening public spaces and preserving heritage.

The plan proposes 48 projects to achieve the city’s green growth goals.

Read the news release at the GGGI website.

Last Updated: 5 July 2019