Cambodia Launches Circular Strategy on Environment 2023-2028

Aerial photograph of Chhnok Troy Commune in Krakor district, Cambodia. Photo by ADB.

The Royal Government of Cambodia, led by the Ministry of Environment, launched the Circular Strategy on Environment 2023-2028  on 15 November 2023. The Strategy aims to turn the potential of the environmental sector into real benefits for the country and its people, and promote the sustainable use of renewable energy in response to global climate change,

The strategy serves as a roadmap, outlining priority actions to ensure environmental sustainability, integrity, climate change resilience, and the promotion of a green economy. Its ultimate goal is to realize the country’s aspiration of transforming into a carbon-neutral country with 60% of forest cover by 2050. 

Features of the strategy include the following:

  • The circular strategy is designed as a circle, with a core strategy in the center and three strategies outside. 

  • The central strategy revolves around the following angles: (i) enhancing policy, (ii) establishing digital administration, and (iii) broadening extension.

  • The three outside strategies are (i) being clean, (ii) going green, and (iii) being sustainable.

  • Being clean focuses on (i) controlling pollution, (ii) modernizing pollution measurement system, and (iii) improving environmental impact assessment

  • Going green revolves around (i) intensifying tree planting movement, (ii) ensuring sustainable management of protected areas, and (iii) enhancing local communities’ livelihood. 

  • Being sustainable emphasizes (i) applying compliance, (ii) expanding cooperation and (iii) strengthening coordination. 

The strategy builds upon the country’s accomplishments in the last 25 years and was developed in accordance with the Pentagonal Strategy. The Pentagonal Strategy is a 25-year strategy to fulfill and work towards realizing Cambodia's Vision for 2050. It focuses on economic growth, job creation, equity, efficiency, and sustainability. 

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Last Updated: 15 December 2023