Cambodia, Lao PDR Step Up Cooperation on Fisheries

Cambodia and the Lao People’s Democratic Republic (Lao PDR) have agreed to strengthen joint efforts to fight illegal fishing practices and increase fish stock in the Mekong-Sekong basin.

News from the Mekong River Commission website said the two countries are forming a bilateral fisheries management body to carry out a transboundary fisheries management plan and implementation framework.

Sekong is an important tributary of the Mekong River. From the Central Highlands of Viet Nam, it flows through the Lao PDR and enters Cambodia to join the Mekong River.

According to the Mekong River Commission, there are more than 800 fish species in the Mekong and Sekong rivers that provide income and food to people living in bordering provinces in the basin.

However, the commission said there has been “a severe decline in fish catch” in the basin while illegal fishing in conservation areas remain a concern.

Cambodia and the Lao PDR have drafted a fisheries management plan with assistance from the Mekong River Commission to curb illegal activities in the basin and increase fish stock by 10% by the year 2021. The plan includes awareness-raising activities, monitoring the use of illegal fishing gear, sanctions and penalties, and information sharing.

Read the report from the Mekong River Commission.

Last Updated: 18 July 2018