August 2022, Issue no. 3

GMS Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security Program Newsletter


August 2022 Vol. 1 No. 3

This newsletter by the Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS) Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security Program (SAFSP) presents the latest activities and developments in GMS agriculture cooperation. Read about the 19th GMS Working Group on Agriculture Annual Meeting, the workshop on Climate-smart Agriculture in the context of the Water-Food-Energy Nexus, the training on cross-border traceability protocols for safer and more efficient supply chains, and more.

About the GMS SAFSP

In 2017, GMS agriculture ministers expressed a joint vision of promoting the GMS as a leading supplier of safe, quality and climate-friendly agri-food products. Achieving this vision depends on overcoming multiple barriers along the agrifood value chains. Building on achievements of the GMS Core Agriculture Support Program (CASP) phases I (2006-2012) and II (2012-2019), the Asian Development Bank has prepared TA 9916-REG GMS SAFSP to support implementation of the Strategy for Promoting Safe and Environment Friendly Agro-Based Value Chains in the GMS. This was endorsed by GMS agriculture ministers in 2017.