4th Meeting of the GMS Urban Development Task Force

The Fourth Meeting of the GMS Urban Development Task Force was held in Nay Pyi Taw on 18–19 August 2015.

The objectives of the meeting were to (i) discuss the applicability of “city competitiveness” as a cross-cutting theme in the GMS, as a way to enhance subregional cooperation and connectivity in accordance with the draft GMS Urban Development Strategic Framework; (ii) illustrate the concept by focusing on existing and planned initiatives along a sample border area; (iii) share updates from the Seventh GMS Economic Corridors Forum and other GMS activities, including GMS Urban Task Force member participation at the 21st Annual Meeting of the GMS Working Group on Environment in June 2015; and (iv) discuss other matters (confirm the Urban Development Chapter of the First Progress Report on the GMS Regional Investment Framework – Implementation Plan (RIF-IP); finalize the Technical Note on Cross Border Economic Zones (CBEZs) / Special Economic Zones (SEZs), and preparations of the Fifth Meeting of the Urban Task Force).


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