14th Annual Meeting of the Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS) Working Group on Environment (WGE AM14)

The 14th Annual Meeting of the GMS Working Group on Environment (WGE AM14) was held on 2nd July 2008 in Luang Prabang, Lao PDR. The meeting was hosted by the Water Resources and Environment Administration (WREA) of Lao PDR in cooperation with the GMS Environment Operations Center and the Asian Development Bank. The meeting participants included delegations from Cambodia, the People’s Republic of China, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Thailand and Viet Nam. Observers included representatives from the Governments of the Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, ADB, AIT, Birdlife, FAO, IGES, IUCN, MFU, MRC, SEI, UNEP, WWF, XTBG, EOC and three members of the Technical Advisory Panel. Invitees included START, Wageningen University & Asia Strategy Forum representatives. The participants list is attached as Appendix 1. A draft agenda and meeting documentation had been forwarded to all participants prior to the meeting.


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Last Updated:   Wednesday, 2 July 2008