13th Economic Corridors Forum


13th Economic Corridors Forum to Highlight Economic Recovery along GMS Economic Corridors through Digitalization, Integration, and Inclusiveness

The 13th Economic Corridors Forum (ECF-13) will be held on 3 November 2022 via web-based conferencing. It will be hosted by the People’s Republic of China.  

The theme for this year’s ECF is “Gearing Up the Economic Recovery Along GMS Economic Corridors by Digitalization, Integration, and Inclusiveness.” The Forum will discuss the following topics:   

  • Part I: Connectivity - Deepening Economic Integration Along the GMS Economic Corridors, the Forum will tackle the terms of reference of the GMS Task Force on Trade and Investment, in particular the parts focusing on economic corridor development; and the benefits to be gained by the subregion from the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) and other regional free trade agreements, underscoring how the GMS Program could help countries address their implementation.  
  • Part II: Enhancing Economic Corridor Competitiveness, the Forum will highlight the proposed “GMS Digital Economy Cooperation Initiative” to promote further collaboration among GMS countries by bridging gaps, seizing opportunities, and reaping the benefits of digital economy in the post-pandemic era and in relation to economic corridor development. The Forum will also present the latest updates on the study on the development of a section of the North South Economic Corridor (NSEC-8).  
  • Part III: Building Community Along the GMS Economic Corridors, the Forum will report how local governments are engaging with the GMS Program through the GMS Governors’ Forum; and present a study on strengthening Development Partners’ engagement in GMS economic corridor development. 

Established in 2008, the ECF serves as a key platform that crystalizes thinking and experiences from all six member countries on spatial development, with focus on bolstering efforts to transform transport corridors into economic corridors and connecting dynamic hubs of economic activity. 

Last Updated: 28 October 2022