13,200 Entrepreneurs Join Digital Marketplace Prototype by Thailand’s Digital Economy Promotion Agency

The digital marketplace prototype established by the Digital Economy Promotion Agency (DEPA) of the Government of Thailand garnered participation from 13,200 entrepreneurs from 75 markets across 25 provinces in the country. It generated an economic value of over 450 million baht (around $12.80 million).

Launched under the Transform: New-normal Market (Extended) Campaign, the campaign is in line with Thailand’s strong commitment to becoming a fully sustainable digital economy and society. The campaign, which began in February 2023, was created to promote and facilitate the adoption of digital technology among a diverse groups of entrepreneurs, including SMEs (Small, Medium Enterprises), vendors, hawkers, stall owners and market proprietors. 

Campaign initiatives included organizing practical training workshops to enhance digital skills among entrepreneurs and hosting digital technology exhibitions to facilitate business matching opportunities between local operators and digital startups and service providers.

DEPA shared that the top three market categories where digital technology was most extensively applied include flea markets (5,637 stores), fresh markets(4,290 stores) and night markets (922 stores). The top three digital technology categories that garnered the most interest from entrepreneurs were Services (around 44.53%), e-Payment (around 28.73%) and Logistics/Delivery (around 17.84%).

In follow up to this successful campaign, DEPA will take the next steps in expanding awareness and fostering the adoption of digital technology among grassroot entrepreneurs nationwide.

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Last Updated: 15 December 2023