2nd Meeting of the Focus Group (FG-2) of the Regional Power Trade Coordination Committee (RPTCC-6)  
Conference Proceedings

The Focal Group was established with the holding of the its first meeting (FG-1) in Hanoi in January 2006. The earlier FG-1 meeting agreed on the appointment of the authorities (chair and co-chair), the setting up of communication channels/ procedures, prioritization of activities, and the establishment of the Planning Working Group (PWG). PRC was appointed chair for the next two years, with ADB as co-chair. The FG-2 meeting was co-organized by the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Energy (MIME) of Cambodia and the Asian Development Bank (ADB). It was attended by FG-2 members of the six GMS member countries, as well as by representatives of AFD, IUCN, JBIC, SIDA, Soluziona, TEPCO, World Bank and ADB.

Last Updated:   Monday, 24 July 2017