Strengthening the Capacity of Financial Sector Regulators and Supervisors (TA)


Project 37739-012
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Type TA
Sector Finance
Country Regional
Start 2003
End 2007
Status Closed
Last Edited 05 Jul 2021


US$('000) 400

Project Description

Lack of adequate financial sector regulation and supervision was one of the major causes of the Asian financial crisis. In addition to policy and governance issues, inadequate capacity of banking supervisors and securities regulators was identified as a key constraint to implementing the best international practices in financial sector regulation and supervision in many of the affected countries. In response, finance ministers of member economies of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) endorsed the establishment of the APEC Financial Regulators Training Initiative (FRTI) in May 1998 to enhance training efforts for financial regulators at national and regional (i.e., within Asia) levels. Since then, ADB has been acting as the Secretariat to the FRTI and financially supporting its training activities by providing six TAs.

Progress (as of March 2021)

Project closed


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  • Supported sustainable economic growth by facilitating the development of stable and sound financial systems. Strengthened financial sector regulatory and supervisory systems.
  • Increased incorporation of international best practice approaches in training programs for financial sector regulation and supervision at regional and national levels.