Saigon Port


Project TBD
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Type Loan
Sector Transport
Country Viet Nam
Start 1995
End 2000
Status Closed
Last Edited 05 Jul 2021


US$('000) 40,000

Project Description

The main objectives of the Project were to improve (i) the capacity of the existing facilities in Saigon Port by rehabilitating and modernizing them; (ii) the present port operations by rationalizing and streamlining the activities; and (iii) the performance of Saigon Port by introducing a management information system (MIS). Advisory technical assistance (TA), which accompanied the Project, assisted in strengthening the institutional capacity of the Saigon Port Authority (SPA), the Executing Agency (EA) for the Project. The TA aimed to design the MIS, which was procured under the Project.

Progress (as of March 2021)

Project closed


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News and Multimedia

  • The number of vessels calling at the port has considerably increased. There were 1,130 calls in 1995 and 1,830 in 2000. The average size of vessels was 5,900 gross registered ton (GRT) in 1995, and 7,100 GRT in 2000.
  • The working conditions in the port have improved and more workers have been employed. Saigon Port presently employs 4,400 workers, which is an increase of about 25 percent since 1995.