Myanmar: COVID-19 Active Response and Expenditure Support Program


Project 54255-001
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Type Loan
Sector Health
Country Myanmar
Start 2020
End 2021
Status Ongoing
Last Edited 05 Jul 2021


US$('000) 250,000

Project Description

The principal objective of the Program is to provide fiscal stimulus including by mitigating the adverse impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on health, incomes and economic opportunities of the Borrower's population, and provide macroeconomic stability. The scope of the program includes implementation of: (i) measures to support social assistance to the poor and vulnerable households and to the sectors of the population at risk due to the COVID-19 pademic; (ii) measures to strengthen the health system and to prevent and control the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic; and (iii) measures to support micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises and workers and to insulate them from the economic downturn. The Program is described in more detail in the Policy Letter. The Program is expected to be completed by 30 September 2021.

Progress (as of March 2021)


Contact 1
Contact Name Chongvilaivan, Aekapol
Organization SERD/ADB
Contact 2
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News and Multimedia

  • COVID-19 outbreak effectively controlled and adverse effects on the poor and vulnerable population and businesses reduced.
  • Social assistance provided to the poor and vulnerable groups and populations at risk.
  • Health system strengthened for COVID-19 prevention and control.
  • MSMEs safeguarded and workers supported during the economic downturn.