Mekong Tourism Innovation


Project 52108-001
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Type TA
Sector Industry and Trade
Country Regional
Start 2018
End 2018
Status Closed
Last Edited 05 Jul 2021


US$('000) 225
Confinancing Source: Government of Australia

Project Description

Under this TA, ADB will provide support to the Private Sector Advisory Group of the GMS Tourism Working Group to design and implement the 2018 Mekong Innovative Startup in Tourism (MIST) accelerator program. MIST identifies, pilots, and helps entrepreneurs and government scale innovative tourism solutions, both traditional and technology-based, that contribute to sustainable and inclusive tourism.

Progress (as of March 2021)

Project closed


Contact 1
Contact Name Dominic P. Mellor
Organization Viet Nam Resident Mission, Southeast Asia Department, ADB
Contact 2
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Organization -
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News and Multimedia

  • Startup Track. Bamboo Lao, manufacturer of reusable bamboo drinking straws, received a private sector grant and invested the proceeds to expand production capacity and quality. This included purchasing a laser engraver that enables the company to customize bamboo straws for restaurants and resorts. Bamboo Lao also signed an agreement with Xonpao Disabled Association to employ disabled Lao people in their production processes.
  • Startup Track. CoExplore (formerly GoExplore), an online travel agency offering work-vacations, was accepted into the ASEAN-Japan Women-s Entrepreneurs- Linkage Program and is in final consideration for incubation through the Viet Nam Silicon Valley Initiative and the Hong Kong-based STILE Initiative CoExplore has received investment offers from venture capitalists and was negotiating terms at the time of TA closure.
  • Startup Track. Ecohost, an online homestay booking platform received private sector grant support and signed a commercial marketing partnership with Get Your Guide Ecohost has received investment offers from venture capitalists and was negotiating terms at the time of TA closure.
  • Market Access Track. Adventoro, an online adventure travel marketplace, signed agreements with 20 tour operators in Viet Nam to market their tour services. MIST business networking support also led to discussions with AirBNB to share tour services inventory.
  • Market Access Track. hereO, creator of the hereO global positioning system watch for children, hired a Ho Chi Minh City- based business development consultant to implement their wearable sensor technology at Viet Nam resorts. Potential applications include wearable devices for monitoring children-s safety at resorts and sensors for controlling bicycles and scooter inventories.
  • Market Access Track. DidaTravel, provider of hotel booking technology customized for People-s Republic of China markets, hired a Phnom Penh-based team to list Cambodian hotel and resort inventory on their platform. This will make Cambodia-s hotel inventory bookable through Chinese online travel agencies, including industry-leader Ctrip.