Guangxi Modern Technical and Vocational Education and Training Development Program (Loan)


Project 49308-002
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Type Loan
Sector Education
Country PRC
Start 2017
End 2023
Status Ongoing
Last Edited 05 Jul 2021


US$('000) 10,222,000
Confinancing Source: KfW Bankengruppe

Project Description

The program will support the establishment of a modern technical and vocational education and training (TVET) system that provides graduates with better employment opportunities in industries in Guangxi Zhang Autonomous Region (GZAR) and ASEAN countries. The program outputs include (i) enhanced industry relevance of TVET; (ii) improved quality of TVET; (iii) increased inclusiveness of TVET; and (iv) expanded role of TVET in regional economic development. The attached TA aims to strengthen the capacity of the TVET system for enhancing the quality and relevance of TVET, and regional cooperation between TVET institutions and enterprises in GZAR and ASEAN countries.

Progress (as of March 2021)

Ongoing. The 2019 annual TVET graduate employment survey is ongoing as of March 2020. Output 1: The advisory plans of 16 industry steering committees that were approved in May 2019 are being implemented and their implementation status will be reviewed in 2020. Nine pilot TVET institutions and 27 pilot courses of study were selected in July 2018. The pilot course development activities have yet to commence as of March 2020. Over 200 practical train- ing facilities have been established in cooperation with enterprises in GZAR-s priority industries by the end of 2019. Output 2: All public secondary TVET schools and some private secondary TVET schools were assigned a star rating in 2019 based on provincial standards for secondary TVET schools (five-star rating system) that were issued in November 2018. Secondary TVET schools rated 2 stars and below will undertake self-improvement projects. Provincial standards for tertiary TVET colleges (double high level tertiary TVET college initia- tive) were issued in August 2019. Ter- tiary TVET colleges which will carry out self-improvement projects have been selected in December 2019. Output 3: Over 150,000 TVET students received poverty-related subsidies in 2019.


Contact 1
Contact Name Maruyama, Asako
Organization Asian Development Bank
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