Climate-Friendly Agribusiness Value Chains Sector Project (Loan - 3724)


Project 48409-003
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Type Loan
Sector Agriculture, Natural Resources and Rural Development
Country Myanmar
Start 2018
End 2026
Status Ongoing
Last Edited 05 Jul 2021


US$('000) 40,500

Project Description

The project will promote activities under pillars 2 and 3 of the Core Agriculture Support Program (CASP) II, on climate-friendly agriculture and bioenergy. The project will invest in the development of climate- friendly pro-poor agribusiness value chains in the GMS. It will focus on the creation of agribusiness centers near GMS corridor towns and rural-growth clusters to effectively link farming communities and urban centers along the corridors by developing upstream and downstream linkages. Key infrastructure investments will include (i) efficient roads that provide access to markets; (ii) renewable bioenergy systems that can meet the growing energy needs of rural communities and agribusiness centers; and (iii) efficient storage, processing-and-aggregation, grading, and marketing- and-logistics infrastructure to ensure the delivery of safe quality food products.

Progress (as of March 2021)

Ongoing. Approved on 9 October 2018. Myanmar NPSC, PMU, RPIUs have already been organized; the start-up procurement specialist and financial management specialist commenced assignment in September 2019 and expected to complete the task in September 2020: Consulting contracts with the Agricultural Digital Finance Service Specialist was signed on 24 June 2020 and commenced on 2 August 2020. Project Implementation Consultant Firm-SOFRECO has signed on 8 May 2020. Consultants- mobilization was delayed due to COVID-19 travel restrictions; national consultants commenced on 1 August 2020 while contract awards for civil works commenced in July 2020 and Laboratory upgrades in September 2020.


Contact 1
Contact Name Ancha, Srinivasan
Organization Southeast Asia Department, Asian Development Bank
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News and Multimedia

  • Productive and resource- efficient agribusiness value chains in project areas developed.
  • Annual income of targeted households increased by at least 20% (2017 baseline: MK900,000) by 2027.
  • Crop yields increased by at least 25% (2017 baseline: monsoon Paw San rice seed yield: 2.6 t/ha and HYV rice seed 3.4 t/ha; chickpea: 1.6 t/ha; green gram 1.1 t/ha; and sesame 0.8 t/ha) by 2027.
  • At least 50 agribusinesses became resource efficient in terms of water savings (5%-10%) and reduction in post-harvest losses (10%) through adoption of GMPs (2017 baseline for water savings = 0%; baseline for post-harvest losses = 25%) by 2027.
  • Household Food Insecurity Experience Scale declined by 5% (2017 baseline = 17.8%) by 2017.