Climate-Friendly Agribusiness Value Chains Sector Project (Grant - 0585)


Project 48409-004
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Type Grant
Sector Agriculture, Natural Resources and Rural Development
Country Lao PDR
Start 2018
End 2025
Status Ongoing
Last Edited 05 Jul 2021


US$('000) 46,370

Project Description

The proposed project supports the implementation of the government's Agriculture Development Strategy to 2025 (ADS) by boosting the competitiveness of rice value chains in Khammouane, Saravan, and Savannakhet provinces, and vegetable value chains in Vientiane Capital, Champasak, and Sekong provinces. The project will improve the climate resilience of agricultural infrastructure, and enhance crop productivity, diversification, and commercialization. It will help improve the capacity for storage, processing, quality, and safety testing, and promote the use of biofertilizers and organic farming. It will strengthen the capacity of farmers and agribusinesses for climate-smart agriculture (CSA), and create an enabling environment for climate-friendly agribusinesses to promote sustainability along the value chain.

Progress (as of March 2021)

Ongoing. Approved for Lao PDR on 30 July 2018.


Contact 1
Contact Name Ancha, Srinivasan
Organization Southeast Asia Department, Asian Development Bank
Contact 2
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