GMS Transport Sector Strategy 2030—Toward a Seamless, Efficient, Reliable, and Sustainable GMS Transport System  
Policies, Strategies, and Plans

The Greater Mekong Subregion Transport Sector Strategy 2018–2030 (also known as TSS 2030) provides the strategic framework for 12 years and a set of performance indicators over a shorter period, initially covering 2018–2022. The long-term vision is to build a seamless, efficient, reliable, and sustainable transport system. 

The strategic thrusts under TSS 2030 are: complete the GMS transport corridor network and improve links with South Asia and other parts of Southeast Asia, facilitate cross-border transport, strengthen intermodal transport links, promote logistics development, mprove road asset management, and enhance road safety. 

Published on: 
March 31, 2018